Dare to be different...
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Photo of boodahtheemcee27 whats up Bro! I dig it,"don't waste your whole life on it" its a great message for the young guys to follow their dreams without chasing just money!
boodahtheemcee27→    8 years, 7 months, 12 days ago (2013-06-05 19:18:19 ET)  
Photo of gquinnmusic Yess! Straight truth!
gquinnmusic→    8 years, 7 months, 23 days ago (2013-05-25 11:40:40 ET)  
Photo of theflyboyway I would like to thank everyone for your powerful touching comments on my video ... i wish you all the best of luck in this contest as well as your future endeavors .... Just remember you are the Creator of your Destiny ... FRE$H
theflyboyway→    8 years, 7 months, 25 days ago (2013-05-22 23:22:00 ET)  
Photo of cheyenned12 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYkSg1hNkEE
cheyenned12→    8 years, 7 months, 26 days ago (2013-05-22 21:12:55 ET)  
Photo of cheyenned12 thank you coming to my page taking the time out to look at my video and liking it. Thanks for the support and i will pass it forward. But if you do have the time could you check out another video of mine its on youtube thou.if you can i would really appreciate it.
cheyenned12→    8 years, 7 months, 26 days ago (2013-05-22 19:31:04 ET)  
Photo of tenfold87 Fire!!! Dare top be different define the real, real these days.... We got some fire droppin and we working on our website right now... Nothing religious, nothing, materialistic, nothing degrading to our people... That's how it should be and we have a strong message behind it... But check us out... Brothers KeeperZ BKZ!!! Keep on keepin on...
tenfold87→    8 years, 7 months, 26 days ago (2013-05-22 12:41:39 ET)  
Photo Not Available The world is yours...no doubt. I'm digging that. Keep doin ya thang homie. Thanks for checking out our video.
divine→    8 years, 7 months, 26 days ago (2013-05-21 23:38:12 ET)  
Photo of pariah I agree that we have a very similar message! I love the intro and delivery of your message! Find me on FB hit the inbox and let me know where I can see more of your stuff.... www.facebook.com/pariah =) I truly appreciate the love...and I wish you the best of luck in this contest =)
pariah→    8 years, 7 months, 27 days ago (2013-05-21 17:54:56 ET)  
Photo of toniaray1 The dopest realest artist I ever worked with ever. Fresh has soooo much style and sex appeal.. He is dope! When it comes to this dude ,hands down, he is sincere and just Fly.. Word up he please dont ever stop and take this work and artistry away. Please fresh keep going , You already Know........ !
toniaray1→    8 years, 7 months, 29 days ago (2013-05-19 21:03:45 ET)  
Photo of arlymarv1 thanks for the love on my page bro!!! keep up the good work!! nice ride!!!!
arlymarv1→    8 years, 7 months, 29 days ago (2013-05-19 18:10:07 ET)  
Person Deleted Appreciate All The Love ON My Videos Brothers... Again I Feel You Have Very Profound Material With A Great Message!!! GOD BLESS!
andrebaldwin→    8 years, 7 months, 29 days ago (2013-05-19 12:48:10 ET)  
Photo of singingjoe21 This is what a lot of people need to hear man! sounds like what my little cousin is going through trying to be like everyone else ill show him this asap. keep it up bro..
singingjoe21→    8 years, 7 months, 30 days ago (2013-05-18 01:48:34 ET)  
Photo of jway1986 I liked the message and it was a catchy beat. Thanks for the encouragement as well!
jway1986→    8 years, 8 months, 48 minutes ago (2013-05-17 22:05:44 ET)  
Person Deleted LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's Just Like A Song I Did Titled "School Daze" on reverbnation.com/andrebaldwin We Gotta Bring Back real Hip Hop.. Your Message Is Very Profound And I Believe If You Keep Pressing My Brother You Will Reach All Your Goals And Achieve You Dreams. GOD BLESS!
andrebaldwin→    8 years, 8 months, 5 hours ago (2013-05-17 17:15:10 ET)  
Photo of cx I like dat shit there. That was real as hell. Keep it up my nigga u got bars out here. That beat was ill too.
cx→    8 years, 8 months, 7 hours ago (2013-05-17 15:34:41 ET)  
Photo of illiworld Good lookin man! I love the first part of the video...u deserve it bro I'm ya 27th like! Keep it up. Look out for my twitter follow as well.
illiworld→    8 years, 8 months, 9 hours ago (2013-05-17 12:59:37 ET)  
Photo of serenity I like this song. The video was really cool showing you do your thing. Keep it UP!
serenity→    8 years, 8 months, 14 hours ago (2013-05-17 08:51:22 ET)  
Photo of musicuana I see your grind brother! You doing you, and encouraging others. I love it. Keep Grinding!
musicuana→    8 years, 8 months, 22 hours ago (2013-05-17 00:48:08 ET)  
Photo of nickxswisha yessss
nickxswisha→    8 years, 8 months, 1 day ago (2013-05-16 17:57:56 ET)  
Photo of oprimomusic Yeh God it was dope hella organic and thought provoking plus u got DR in it fresh
oprimomusic→    8 years, 8 months, 1 day ago (2013-05-16 13:09:28 ET)  
Photo of image NICE! Great message!
image→    8 years, 8 months, 1 day ago (2013-05-16 09:52:50 ET)  
Photo of image NICE! Great message!
image→    8 years, 8 months, 1 day ago (2013-05-16 09:52:50 ET)  
Photo of kendallday Fresh work G! Preciate the LOVE!
kendallday→    8 years, 8 months, 2 days ago (2013-05-15 14:54:37 ET)  
Photo of dbeck3638 this beat go so hard man
dbeck3638→    8 years, 8 months, 2 days ago (2013-05-15 14:45:16 ET)  
Photo of kenlowe GOOD WORK BRO
kenlowe→    8 years, 8 months, 5 days ago (2013-05-11 22:56:39 ET)  
Photo of hightops MY MAN WINNING THIS !!!
hightops→    8 years, 8 months, 8 days ago (2013-05-09 02:33:23 ET)  
Photo of chrisvincintius yo homesttttlly this is great bro lol i love that spoken word opening that's raw from the heart right there. And the song is really catchy you obviously have talent and meaning which this so called artist in the industry dont have. Peace bro it's looking good for you.I like the vid to. great lyrics i #idig
chrisvincintius→    8 years, 8 months, 11 days ago (2013-05-06 17:33:01 ET)  
Photo of fred_e_mack The Fly Boy Way! good work , Fre$H !
fred_e_mack→    8 years, 8 months, 22 days ago (2013-04-26 17:44:00 ET)  
Photo of bobwire "Just like my vegetables I'm keeping it fresh....Hot keep grinding the Hustlaz way with this online dope. Good messages good luck in your career!" Bobwire
bobwire→    8 years, 8 months, 27 days ago (2013-04-21 19:11:40 ET)  
Photo of hightops Keep Grinding Brotha. Place does not define person, and your music is touching everybody.
hightops→    8 years, 9 months, 1 day ago (2013-04-16 09:42:05 ET)  
Photo of jhollington18 you did ya thing bro you spoke the truth keep pushin brother
jhollington18→    8 years, 9 months, 14 days ago (2013-04-03 11:11:01 ET)  
Photo of tatteduptoon20 Yo bruh im diggin yo delivery and message dig keep it positive keep moving bruh
tatteduptoon20→    8 years, 9 months, 15 days ago (2013-04-02 19:27:53 ET)  
Photo of quest2now this is really nice bro strong message i love it
quest2now→    8 years, 9 months, 26 days ago (2013-03-22 14:22:13 ET)  
Photo of ebonycoast So nice. Thank you for stopping by and showing us some love. I also like the track too!!! :)))) Peace and love from Ebony Coast.
ebonycoast→    8 years, 9 months, 30 days ago (2013-03-18 15:57:43 ET)  
Photo of lynishaarceus True .... This is what we need :)
lynishaarceus→    8 years, 10 months, 1 hour ago (2013-03-17 21:42:02 ET)  
Photo of suckerfreemel This Is Really Good, It's Exactly What The Industry Need, But Can You Show Some Love To My Videos, I Respect Ya Grind
suckerfreemel→    8 years, 10 months, 13 hours ago (2013-03-17 09:21:05 ET)  
Photo of apollokeem that was definitely tight keep grindin bro,,one day soon music will change for the better an artist like us will prosper from it
apollokeem→    8 years, 10 months, 1 day ago (2013-03-16 18:15:48 ET)  
Photo of lilnate541native like the song man we should collab n check out my song "keep your head up"
lilnate541native→    8 years, 10 months, 5 days ago (2013-03-12 20:35:09 ET)  
Photo of liferzdude Yeah bro keep da grind up i def voted 4 u da game needs more artist like this
liferzdude→    8 years, 10 months, 7 days ago (2013-03-10 13:18:36 ET)  
Photo of liferzdude Yeah bro keep da grind up i def voted 4 u da game needs more artist like this
liferzdude→    8 years, 10 months, 7 days ago (2013-03-10 13:18:35 ET)  
Photo of theflyboyway thanks for the support everyone..
theflyboyway→    8 years, 10 months, 22 days ago (2013-02-26 22:29:40 ET)  
Photo of thicky this is what the industry needs something that teens and adults can relate to.... keep it up FRE$H
thicky→    8 years, 10 months, 23 days ago (2013-02-25 14:42:26 ET)  
Photo of dannijay I love you baby, good luck!
dannijay→    8 years, 10 months, 23 days ago (2013-02-25 11:25:55 ET)  
Photo of malik123 this contest was meant for you son... maybe people will catch on to the not having to be a dope boy to be FRESH trend and the world can start to change for the better...
malik123→    8 years, 10 months, 23 days ago (2013-02-25 01:38:28 ET)