"Fear" By Natasha Ramsey, the Hungover Poet
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Photo of natasharamsey Thanks flowerchild_chay and Shawtysaprno! I appreciate you taking the time to check my words out and share good vibes.
natasharamsey→    9 years, 4 months, 13 days ago (2013-03-28 10:39:09 ET)  
Photo of shawtysaprno Thought provoking
shawtysaprno→    9 years, 4 months, 20 days ago (2013-03-21 03:47:22 ET)  
Photo of flowerchild_chay loved it please post more good vibes
flowerchild_chay→    9 years, 4 months, 20 days ago (2013-03-20 21:19:24 ET)  
Photo of natasharamsey Amos, Thank you very much for taking the time to view my video and for your positive feedback! Yes, it seems that too often, many of us (self included at times), forget that we have certain rights, or are afraid to call upon them in times of need or injustice. I hope to add some more soon and will take a look at some of the positive videos that you've shared here. Natasha
natasharamsey→    9 years, 4 months, 28 days ago (2013-03-12 15:47:58 ET)  
Photo of amoshewitt Natasha, Thanks for your thought provoking comments. Your piece on taking advantage of Amendments to preserve our cultural was particularly insightful. Look forward to your next "Speak Up" video. Amos
amoshewitt→    9 years, 4 months, 28 days ago (2013-03-12 12:02:19 ET)