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Jyzzle Gonmakit channel All cell phone videography.Every project uploaded here was recorded and edited with nothing but a cell phone. Videos: 4
Views: 8,511
Owner: jyzzlegonmakit>
Created: 2016-08-06
Math Geometry (Demo) channel This is the Math Geometry Channel for Mr. Simmons and my username is Manorstone. The channel contains geometry math lectures from Mrs. Cathy Riopelle a math teacher at New Tech High School located in Dearborn Heights Michigan. You can find these videos by going directly to my channel and scroll un... Videos: 5
Views: 16,917
Owner: manorstone>
Created: 2010-11-12
Westwood New Tech: Mrs. Riopelle- Geometry channel This is the channel for Mrs. Riopelle's Geometry classes.

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Videos: 10
Views: 35,561
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Created: 2011-04-19